Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: The Show Must Go On

Sir Sidney owned the best circus in the world, but he was tired. In order to take a week's vacation, he hired  Barnabas Brambles.

 Barnabas didn't treat the animals like family. He viewed the circus as a money making machine. He wanted to travel through cities and have multiple shows each day.

 Barnabas had it all figured out, but nothing went according to his plan.  Can the circus be saved or will his ideas ruin everything?
My Thoughts: I love this sister team. While it's a little young, I think fans of their 43 Cemetery Road series will enjoy this one too. I enjoyed the mice and their made up words. I like how Stan and Dan navigated the train through the US - very inventive. I felt bad for the animals - with their new food and the accidents that happened along the way. The ending was hopeful, leaving me wonder what's coming next for the circus. The illustrations were fantastic - funny, clever, and eye-catching. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Library

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