Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Taste of Darkness

* Final book in the Healer trilogy *

Avery and her band of friends still need to defeat their enemies: King Tohon, Jael, and the Skeleton King. Prince Ryne's forces seem to be outnumbered but perhaps not outwitted.

Can Avery and her friends use their talents and magic to help turn the tide of the war in their favor?
My Thoughts: A great end to a powerful trilogy dealing with war, friendship, loyalty, betrayal, and love. I love Avry for her strength, her loyalty, her determination, her sense of friendship, her confidence, and how she always speaks her mind. I love the banter between the monkeys - they add some tension relief with their antics. I love how they all have Avry's back. I love Avry's bond with Kerrick and their relationship. I loved this trilogy for the action, the danger, the humor, and the love. Maria V. Snyder is a must read author for me.

Cover Thoughts: I liked it - especially with the lilies
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