Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Pawn

Kitty's testing didn't go has planned. Now she has to spend the rest of her life making up for the fact that she's unworthy.  Her boyfriend urges her to let them runaway together, but Kitty doesn't want to spoil his chances at being someone in society.

So she slips away and joins the oldest profession. Upon her first night, there's a bidding for her. The person who wins has the power to change her life. He's offered her the chance of a lifetime - to become the Prime Minister's niece: Lila Hart.

Lila died under mysterious circumstances. While it's easy to change someone's face, the eyes are difficult. Kitty has the right shade of blue eyes, making her perfect for the job. She can live her life as is, or she can rise in power.

She doesn't hesitate in making the choice to become Lila, but once she's in the palace, Kitty learns that each choice could be her last. She's never lived in a more dangerous setting, where her every move is watched and weighed. Can she be who they want her to become?
My Thoughts: I devoured this book - loving the dystopian vibe. I love the love story between Kitty and Benjy and their obstacles at being together. I love the danger, the action, the secrets, and the threats from the family. I enjoyed reading the plot twists and uncovering more details about this horrific powerful family. I like Kitty finding her way at Lila, but never forgetting her past. I can't wait to read the second book.

Cover Thoughts: Interesting
Source: My Library

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Unknown said...

I was a big fan too. I got the book through Netgalley a while ago and then immediately ordered it for the library after I finished!