Sunday, January 26, 2014

Adult Review: Best Man

For most of her life, Faith Holland defined herself by her relationship. After being left at the altar, she fled to San Francisco. With a few years behind her, she's ready to come back home - at least for an extended visit.

As soon as she gets there, people start talking about her in tones of sympathy and pity. Faith never wanted that. She tries to hang out with her family the most while remodeling the barn on the family vineyard for wedding functions.

Before long, she realizes that she needs her own place so she rents an apartment. Unfortunately, her nemesis the best man at her wedding lives right across the hall. She's not sure she's ready to play nice with the police chief Levi Cooper. But there's something about him that gets under her skin.
My Thoughts: I loved this book, though I felt bad for Faith. I love how she came back and how she faced the town. I felt bad for Faith because of her family guilt.  I like Faith's quirky family and how they interact with each other. I loved her banter with Levi. I really liked Levi - from his past to his being a veteran to his taking care of his sister. I love how he tries to take care of everyone around him.  A fantastic novel about coming home again and finding yourself, being true to yourself, and finding happiness. As soon as I finished this book, I passed it along to my mother. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: Library
Fun Fact: Levi's sister went to HWS, my alma mater

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