Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tween Tuesday Review: Dream On

Whatever After #4: Dream On* Book 4 in the Whatever After series *

Abby's excited for her first sleepover. She's looking forward to eating s'mores and staying up all night talking. She's more than a little surprised when she wakes up to an empty room.

Robin forgot to mention her sleepwalking problem. She walks down into the basement and bumps into the magic mirror three times. Now they mirror's active and it's pulling Robin inside. Abby tries to rescue her, but it's too late.

Abby, Robin, and Jonah are sucked into another fairy tale - this time it's Sleeping Beauty's story. Unfortunately, Robin wakes up just in time to accidentally prick herself on the spindle - falling into a deep sleep.

Now Princess Briana's story has changed. Abby and her brother need to figure out how to reverse the sleeping spell, make Princess Briana happy, and get back home before things blow up in their face.
My Thoughts: I love this series on twists of Fairy Tales - it's great seeing the heroines of the original story. I like how Abby's friend came into the story with them and how that changed the dynamic. I liked the idea of living in the now and not waiting for your happiness to find you or waiting for what's supposed to happen in life and take charge of your own life. 

Cover Thoughts: Super Cute
Source: My Library

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