Thursday, January 9, 2014

Review: Racing Savannah

Savannah and her dad just moved to a new horse farm in Hundred Oaks. It's fancier than the last place, which is good because her dad's girlfriend is pregnant. Savannah hopes to make some extra money exercising the horses, but first she has to get permission from the boss.

Jack's spending his senior year managing the farm under his father's direction. He's seen the way Savannah corralled Star, but he wants to test her on the track. Exercising horses previously doesn't mean she can handle thoroughbreds.

After winning the chance to work win the horses, will Savannah win Jack's heart next?
My Thoughts: I love the Hundred Oaks books. They have so many layers to them. While romance is the forefront of this book, it delves deep into family issues, social classes, friendships, and new beginnings. I love the secondary characters of Vanessa and Rory and I hope we get to see them again some day. I love Kenneally weaves favorite old characters into the stories. It's great hearing a little tidbit about them. Most of the time, I loved Jack. He had a few moments where I wanted to smack him, but Savannah took care of that. I loved how she set him straight. I loved her strength, her determination, and how she tried to help out her family. A fantastically perfect read, making this one of my favorite contemporary series.

Cover Thoughts: Cute and Charming
Source: My Library
Challenge: 2014 YA Contemporary Challenge

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