Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: A Girl Named Digit

Farrah's spent the past four years trying desperately to fit in. She blends into the crowd, loving what they love and denying her true self. She's aced the math portion of the SATs and will be heading to MIT in the fall. None of her classmates know that she's a genius.

Farrah's brilliance with numbers left her the nickname Digit - which she's been trying to hide during high school.

One night, while watching a popular TV show with her best friends, she sees a series of numbers. She keeps track of these numbers for three weeks. Almost unconsciously, her mind starts putting them together.

She discovers a reverse code for 9/11 ---11/9. The next day, there's a bombing at JFK airport. The guilt and sadness Digit feels makes her sick.  She wants to come forward with her information. Against her parents' best judgement, she goes to the FBI. They're not convinced she knows anything.

So she starts digging into the situation herself and finds she's asked the wrong person a question. Now that person wants to track her down. Digit's forced to fake her own kidnapping and go into hiding until the group of terrorists can be taken down. The FBI sends one of the agents to protect her, but it's not too long before Digit realizes that she also might need to protect her heart.

My Thoughts: 
I liked that Digit was a genius (there needs to be more books about smart girls), but also at times she wasn't street smart or people smart. i liked watching her emerge from her shell, from her sheep high school days to a smart girl who's relaxed enough to show the world her intelligence.

I loved the action and the danger. I liked watching the layers of the terrorist plot unfold. I liked Digit and John working on the intelligence to uncover and foil the plot.  They make a great team. I loved the slow romance that burned brightly. 

I really liked this debut novel; it was a fast and enjoyable read. I'm drawn to books with codes and terrorist plots. Many of these book are for adult audiences and it's nice to see some written for teens. I love that the protagonist is an older high school student, nearing graduation and college. It would be great seeing this book developed into a series with Digit in college and helping out the FBI on occasion.

Cover Thoughts: I like the numbers in the background but I'm not crazy about the girl with her hair and a finger to her lips

Source: The publisher

Similar Read: Going too Far (for the romance element)


Unknown said...

I agree with you on the cover. They could've just let the girl be smart. The finger on the lips and the fluffy hair makes her seem flirty.

Anonymous said...

This one has gotten a lot of love around the blog-osphere. I read it recently, found it fun and fast, but didn't love it. I didn't buy the 21 yo FBI agent or the fact that she would be sent to hiding with him, of all people and not a female agent. Still, I know my eighth grade girls will love it. I already gave it to one to read during testing this week and she's hooked.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, what, did you just compare this book to Going Too Far for the romance part? If so GIRL I AM ON IT.

Because as far as all of the things you've mentioned in this review that I WOULD like, I am so not attracted to that cover. This feels like a bubblegum summertime romance (or a Check Out My Awesome Hair ad), it doesn't look like a book that contains a story dealing with terrorist plots and a genius girl, packed with action.

Thanks for a great review for a book that sounds like something I'd enjoy, and I will be putting this one on my TBR.