Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth

Nancy and her best friend Bree want to be detectives. Nancy's worried that nothing will ever happen in their sleepy little town and no one will need Partners in Crime.

However, before she knows it, Nancy has two cases.  Bree overheard the twins talking about a secret from Nancy. Now Nancy can't help but imagine the worse. What are her friends keeping from her?

There's also a thief in her classroom! Nancy and Bree are determined to solve the mystery of the missing marble. Someone stole the marble during their Family Day. Luckily Bree took photos during the day. They might help create a timeline and provide clues.

My Thoughts: I'm a big Fancy Nancy fan! I adore the pictures books and have read them all. I was so happy to hear about this new chapter book. I liked it. It was cute, funny (I loved that the class hamster's name is Eric Clapton), and enjoyable. It expands upon our favorite characters without loosing the charm from the picture books. I don't think I've ever read where the character goes from picture book to easy reader to chapter book. I think Fancy Nancy will capture even more readers.  Nancy and Bree have a great friendship, great imaginations, and great ideas. I'm looking forward to more of these books. I hope one day Bree will have her own book, and maybe Jojo too.

Cover Thoughts: Cute! And I like how illustrations are throughout the book. I think it bridges all the Fancy Nancy books together.

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