Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Renegade Magic

*Sequel to Kat, Incorrigible*

Kat and her family are getting ready for Elissa's big day. Kat doesn't want her sister getting married, not because she doesn't want her to be happy, but because everything will change. She's going to miss her sister and her scolding.

Kat and Angeline set up the decorations early in the morning, using magic to make everything perfect. However, the day's ruined when an uninvited guest interrupts the day with slander of magic against the family.

Elissa and her new husband hurry off on their honeymoon, leaving the rest of the family worried. The next day, according to Stepmama's plan they family heads off to Bath for Angeline's debut.

There, she will forced to find a suitable suitor. However, in light of the circumstances, Angeline has a plan of her own. Only Kat sees her devious smile. Kat knows it's up to her to make sure everything turns out right, but after her disgrace in front of the other guardians, she's not sure she's up to the task. When she stumbles upon a dangerous magical situation, her mentor refuses to believe her. Can Kat save her sister from making a foolish mistake and contain the magic situation without any major mishaps?

My Thoughts: I spent a semester in college in Bath and loved it. I loved walking down the streets again, looking at the familiar buildings along with Kat. Her wonder of the city made me smile and long to walk down the streets again myself.

I hated that Elissa's happy day was ruined, but what a scandal! Mrs Carylye reminds me of Lady Catherine. She's horrible, but entertaining too. I loved Angeline's horrific, but genius idea. She's very determined and willful.  I really liked Lucy. I felt bad for her stuck with her family as they were horrible. I liked how Kat's father came out of his books and into the story. He's a wonderful character.  I loved the moments in the baths, especially with the magic flowing. I cheered for Kat as she helped her sister, her cousin, and tried to stop the magic. Kat grew up when she reached for help from an unlikely source. However, she's still lying and still creating mini scandals with her wild schemes, which are so endearing.  

I can't wait to the next book to wrap up the trilogy!

Cover Thoughts: Amazingly cute! I love the magical lights
Source: my Library
Challenge: YA Historical Fiction Challenge 2012

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