Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tween Tuesday Review: The Fugitive Factor

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* 2nd in series - Check out my review of the first book Chasing the Falconers *

Aiden and Meg escape the summer house in Vermont with a photograph of Frank Lindenauer. This photo is the only clue to proving their parents' innocence.

Armed with only the photo, they go back to the motel where they stayed with "Uncle" Frank and "Aunt" Jane. With a little finagling, Aiden manages a glimpse at the motel records. He comes up empty on Frank, but there's an address from all those years ago for Jane.

The address for Jane is in Boston. Can the siblings outwit the police, the FBI, and Hairless Joe to find out if the address is still current?

My Thoughts: Great second book! The action and danger doesn't let up for a minute. I love the siblings strength, determination, and loyalty. This is a great series for any tween who loves action driven plot. It's hard to stop turning the pages!

Cover Thoughts: Interesting....

Source: My Library.

Fun Fact: Kim the Children's Librarian and I have been using the first book in our book clubs at the local elementary schools. All the 4th and 5th graders love Chasing the Falconers and they all want to read the entire series!

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