Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Grave Mercy

Ismae was born with a scar on her body and a father who couldn't stand her. He attempts to marry her away to the highest bidder. Just when Ismae believes her life to be over, help comes creating a new path for her.

Her scar is a mark that the god of Death claims her. She's brought to a covenant where she learns that she's an instrument of Death.They will train her to become an assassin.

Her training begins as soon as she's recovered from her ordeal. She learns she has a way with poisons. She takes classes and works to help create poisons and antidotes. Years pass.

Finally she's given her first assignment and then her second. The same man turns up at both places. Just as the Reverend Mother orders her to watch him, Duval bursts into the covenant looking for answers.

It's decided that Ismae will pose as this man's cousin in an attempt to uncover the issues at court. Someone wants the young ruler dead. Duval only wants to protect his half sister and he can't obtain information of trason if Ismae's killing the men responsible without interrogating them first.

Ismae's reluctant to go to court, but as a handmaiden of death, she has no choice. It's not long before she's away of double crossings, traitors, and evil happening right before her eyes. It's harder to uncover the mastermind behind the evil. She begins to hope it's not Duval as the Reverend Mother suspects. She doesn't want to have to kill the man she's grown to finally admire.

My Thoughts: This book blew me away! I couldn't put it down and I didn't want to do anything except read it until it was finished. I love the whole idea of this book. I loved Ismae's time at the covenant. I loved her first assignment and her second. I loved her time at court where she couldn't trust anyone. I loved her verbal wars with Duval.  I loved her moments with the Duchess and her sister. A magnificent YA debut!

Cover Thoughts: Brilliant.

Source: The Publisher - THANK YOU!

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