Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Take A Bow

Emme loves to write music, but she doesn't sing her songs. Her best friend has a magical voice. She writes her songs for Sophie. Together they're entering a performing arts school. They both are accepted but they both have different goals for their future.

Emme meets three boys on the first day of school. Together they form a band. Sophie has a checklist that will help her achieve her goal of becoming a broadway star.

Flash forward three years to their senior year.  Things are different. Their friendship has weakened. Emme loves her band. She divides her time between Sophie and the guys.  Sophie's competing with girls for the leads in the dramatic arts and has a hot boyfriend, who's a former Hollywood child star.

During their senior year, they will have to compete for the senior showcase, which will determine their future. Will their friendship survive the competition?

My Thoughts: I'm a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Eulberg's books. I was super happy when I heard about her latest book. I devoured it. I LOVED it!  I loved how it started Freshman year and then jumped ahead three years. I enjoyed reading from everyone's perspective.

I really loved Emme. Her perspective was my favorite. I loved the band and how the three guys interacted with Emme. I enjoyed her story from the shadows into the light.  She did tend to see the best in people, which was sweet, but not always smart.

My second favorite character was Carter. I love his realization and how he handled it. I really liked his mom and her understanding. 

While I think sometimes the problems were obvious to the reader, I liked that it took a while for the characters to see different issues.

 I loved the competition (hated the backstabbing). I would not survive in this school. I loved the friendships, the loyalty, and the romance. It was perfect.

Cover Thoughts: Perfect

Source: My Library

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