Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mysterious Saturday Review: Buried

Thorn has three secrets.

Thorn is not her real name - not that she's ever tell her new BFF Rune.

Thorn loves to create music.  She's constantly strumming on her guitar, tinkering until the sound feels right but she doesn't write lyrics to her songs. Not that she'd ever tell her secret to Amerie who wants Thorn to sign up for the Singing Star competition she's helping to coordinate. Thorn scoffs at the idea of auditioning.

Thorn's a finder. She can touch an object and receive a vision from it. Just like when she touch a locket in the gym while meeting Amerie after auditions take place. Right away the necklace calls to her. Eventually she opens the locket and discovers a lock of hair. Just like that she know the hair came from a person who's now dead.

She uncovers the grave of a small child. While the police don't suspect her of murder (As she recently moved to town) they do suspect her of knowing more that she shares. Thorn believes her mission is to uncover the truth behind the baby's death - even if she has to join Singing Star competition to get answers.

My Thoughts: I loved this spin-off series (and I'm REALLY hoping this is the start of a new series).  I love Thorn and her psychometry abilities. I like Thorn for her sense of self and her determination not to change and succumb to peer pressure.   I really liked the conversations with Manny and Sabine from the Seer series.  I loved the Grin Reaper - the idea behind him and the potential romance. I really liked K.C. I loved Cotton Candy Cowgirls and how Thorn must join their band. I love their completely different take on life, but also how they come together. A great mystery full of pranks, music, friendship, and staying true to yourself.

Cover Thoughts: I like it - I like all the clues in the cover, which I only saw after I read the book.

Source: My library

Fun Fact: This book is dedicated to several librarians and teachers, including myself! What a fabulous surprise! I've never met Linda, but I adore her books!

Fun Fact #2: Buried is a spin-off series from The Seer series - which starts with Don't Die Dragonfly.

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