Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Books I'm Dying to Read: June Edition

I goofed last week - as I meant to blog this post. Oops. Better late than never...

Here are the books I can't wait to read coming out in June:


Golden Lily I'm such a fan of the Vampire Academy series and now the spin-off series.- Goodreads - out June 12th 
Dark Frost The third book in this dark mythology series- Goodreads - out May 29th

Wild Queen: A historical fiction book on Mary Queen of Scots- Goodreads - out June 19th
Keeping the Castle  A regency historical fiction (one of my favorite periods in history) where a young girl must marry well- Goodreads - out June 14

Seize the Storm - Danger on the high seas!  Goodreads - out June 5th
Vindico:  Supervillains kidnap teens in an effort to recruit a new generation of super villians- Goodreads - out June 14th

Timepiece: I can't wait to read this sequel to Hourglass!!! - Goodreads - out June 12th

My Life in Black or White: A girl looses her beauty and must figure out who she is without her looks. - Goodreads - out June 28th

Tokyo Heist: A client of her father's has art stolen and Violet attempts to recover the missing art.  - Goodreads - out June 14th

A Girl Named Digit: I just finished this one (review coming soon). A math genius  - Goodreads - out June

Farwell to Charms: The final book in the Princess for Hire trilogy.  Goodreads - out June 26th

Flirting in Italian : One summer in Italy! - Goodreads - out June 12th

Reunited: 3 former friends come together for a road trip to see their favorite band.- Goodreads - out June 12th
Keep Holding On: A novel about bullying - Goodreads - out May 31st

Sleepover Stakeout: The 2nd book in the tween mysteries Partners in Crime detective agency. The first book comes out in May- Goodreads - out June 1st

Smart Girls Get What They Want: Sarah's debut teen novel about smart girls in high school going after their dreams- I really like her adult novels - Goodreads - out June 26th

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