Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review: Struck

* Comes out May 8th*

Destruction hits LA with an earthquake. Mia and her family are trying to escape from the harsh aftermath. Mia and her brother attend school only for the rations at the end of the day.

Their mother isn't well. She's a shell of her former self. Mia's trying to keep the family together. She's not happy when someone at school discovers her secret.

Mia's drawn to lightning. It's struck her over and over again and her body's covered with red scars. The lightning gives her power.

Now other people recognize her power and Mia's caught in a deadly struggle between two organization who claim they need her help. Mia could be the destruction of the earth or she could be the salvation. Mia's sure she doesn't want to be anyone's instrument, but will she have a choice?

My Thoughts: I loved the idea of the lightning as power and a weapon. It was a unique idea to me. I loved the forbidden love angle and Jeremy. He was intense, shy, nerdy, and determined. I liked Mia for her snark, her reservations, her loyalty to her family, and her strength. I liked the two cults - both interesting in their own way and both scary. The ending was intense, tying up the loose ends, but leaving room for more of Mia's story. (A quick check on Goodreads tells me that this book is Struck #1). A great debut with drama, cults, romance, and the possible destruction of the world.

Cover Thoughts: Great! I love the lightning and the scars.

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Challenge: Debut Author Challenge 2012

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