Monday, January 12, 2009

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Doomed Queens:

DOOMED QUEENS recounts the tales of numerous unfortunate queens.
Some of these women died unhappily in exile or imprisoned, while others met more unfortunate ends such as suicide or assassination. Readers will meet over fifty queens who met their doom. The time line of queens discussed range from the biblical era of Athaliah to modern day Princess Diana. They are arranged by time periods and drafted in short and often humorous biographical information. How would their lives have been different if they had been male?

It's the perfect pick for Women's History month or just a wonderful, entertaining non-fiction book for those curious about royalty, or a perfect sidekick for a fairy tale or royal novel.

Rogue's Home:

Michael and Fisk are on the road again, after their last adventure turned out sourly. A rider catches up with them, delivering a letter from Fisk’s family. He’s desperately needed at home.He returns on his own, hoping that Michael will not follow him. Michael does follow, and his history shakes up the town. Fisk’s brother-in-law has been falsely accused of blackmail. His sister wrote Fisk home, hoping that he could help (specifically with his knowledge of criminals) clear her husband's name.Fisk and Michael start talking to the townspeople, but some don't like their questions. Someone sets fires, blaming Michael, forcing him to lay low. Can Fisk discover who framed his family before the citizens of the town kill Michael?

The sequel to THE LAST KNIGHT, ROGUE’S HOME is a medieval tale of mystery and action that will captivate readers and keep them guessing until the end of the book.

Be Mine:

Jennifer has a bad habit of lying
whenever Claudia’s around. Not only has she made up a fake boyfriend, but she’s
agreed to bring him to Claudia’s party on Saturday. Now she has to find a boyfriend in a week and maybe compete for the school’s most romantic couple.She stumbles across the perfect boy: the heartbreaker. Revenge gets even sweeter when he’s looking to settle a score with Claudia, as well. Can the two of them pull off a plan to teach the Queen Bee a lesson on romance?

This sweet, enjoyable romantic tale equals a cross between Mean Girls and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Going Too Far:

Meg pushes limits.

Right before Spring Break, she and her friends are found trespassing on a dangerous railroad bridge, under the influence. They almost lose their lives. As punishment, they must forgo their trip to Miami Beach and instead each spend a week riding with a trauma unit in an effort to teach them a lesson. Meg must spend the week riding in a police car with the officer who brought her in. She’s unnerved to find that not only is he a few years older than she is and that they once had class together - but also that she’s falling for him. For Meg, the girl who doesn’t plan anything and who runs away from any emotional ties, this week could spell out her downfall.

Jennifer Echols deals with the limits of life and shocking everyone in GOING TOO FAR, a novel readers won’t want to put down.

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