Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Few Books

A between the novels book that will have you laughing out loud (a bit more than usual). Evanovich never fails in her quirky characters and in hilarious situations which they find themselves.

Skiing is HUGE in Alaska, because there's not much else to do. Jess is looking forward to skiing with her boyfriend over the holidays, when his family comes back to town. She's a little worried because she hasn't heard from him in a few days. When she finally sees him, he's with another girl. Neither of them know what to say, but Jess is heartbroken. She has no idea what happened. All she knows is that she wants him back. And she just might have the boy to help her win back Jake's heart. All the girls fawn over Will and he's willing to be her pretend boyfriend. Once things are in motion, Jess isn't too sure that she can keep herself from falling under his spell. She just has to keep reminding herself that their dates are just pretend. Aren't they?

Snow in Love is the perfect romantic treat.

Eon must become the new dragoneye apprentice or he and his master will be living on the streets. He must be the chosen one to learn the ways on the dragoneye. But Eon has a few challenges. First off, he's crippled and therefore wherever he does, people judge him. Secondly, he's in disguise. He's really Eona, a sixteen year old girl posing as a 12 year old boy. Lord Ido, greedy for power, suddenly changed the ancient ceremony where the dragon of the year will choose his next apprentice. Eon has trouble during the ceremony that not even her raw power can combat. When the dragon chooses another apprentice, her heart becomes heavy with failure. All is not lost, when an ancient dragon thought to be lost forever, chooses Eona. The Mirror Dragon leads all dragons and so Eona becomes a Lord. She's in further danger from Lord Ido as it becomes clear the council is divided into two halfs - those supporting Lord Ido and those who support the Emperor. Lord Eon becomes a ray of hope for the Emperor and his supporters, but what she hasn't shared might be her downfall.

An amazing tale; the best book I've read all year. The magic weaved in with politics and danger of ancient Asia make for a must read. All in the strong characters, especially the feisty Eon/Eona. This is a must read!

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Snow Of Love looks cute :P