Friday, March 25, 2011

Review: Trial by Fire

***Contains SPOILERS if you haven't read Raised By Wolves***

Bryn loves her new life with her pack until a wolf enters her territory. He's badly hurt and he's asking for protection. With Shay as his Alpha, he's been used as a punching bag, until Shay gave him to a group of psychics.

Bryn doesn't know what to do. She doesn't want to turn him away, but she neither can she help him within the rules of the werewolves. She desperately tries to find a loophole in the rules.

Before she can figure out a solution, the psychics show up in town. A new girl starts school. Bryn knows she's a threat. Caroline isn't normal. She's a hunter. She can't be tracked and she never misses a target. She had the ability to take out Bryn's entire pack.

The psychics hate werewolves. Each time Bryn meets them, she learns more about them. With the psychics and Shay looking for a fight, Bryn needs to watch her back very carefully. She's knows what's at stake and she's not about to give in or give up her pack for anything.

My Thoughts: I couldn't WAIT to read this book as I LOVED Raised By Wolves. Trial by Fire was simply amazing. I love the power of Bryn. I love how her pack's different and how she as a human is different from the other Alphas. I love how she tries to see the loop holes in dangerous situations. I love how she doesn't ever want to play by the rules. I love her sense of justice. Mostly there isn't anything I don't love about Bryn. I love Lake, Chase, and Dev too. I laughed, I cried, I had to re-read the ending twice to understand it. The ending blew me away. A very different werewolf series that makes me anxious for the next one. (And there is a next one I checked!)

Cover Thoughts: I like how it ties into the first cover - and into the story.

Source: Publisher - Egmont (Who has amazing books)


Up next: Every Other Day: a teenage girl who's only human every other day, and who spends her non-human days as a super-powered demon hunter (whose achilles heel is, of course, the fact that every other day, she has no powers at all).

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