Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Review: Darlings Are Forever

Jane, Victoria, and Natalya have all gone to the same school together their whole lives. High school is starting and they will each be on their own. Each is not sure how she'll survive without her other BFFs.

Jane's attending The Academy for Performing Arts where she'll concentrate on her acting.

Victoria is attending the same school where her almost perfect sister just barely graduated.

Natalya is attending Gainsford Academy for uber smart students like herself.

Separately they must navigate the halls of high school on their own. Their motto, May you always do what you're afraid of doing, might get them into hot water. Jane auditions for a production on the main stage, where almost no freshman gain admittance. Victoria tries to deal with her father's new career choice in politics and how it changes her life, especially her love life. Natalya struggles to fit into a crowd, maybe even the popular crowd if they will have her. As these girls

My Thoughts: I devoured this book. I loved the relationship between the three BFFs. I liked watching them branch out and bloom at their various high schools. Their growth from their struggles apart impacted their friendship as they changed. They dealt with love, new friends, loyalty, finding yourself, staying true to yourself, betrayal, and no fear. I'm already looking forward to The Darlings in Love

Cover Thoughts: I really like it!
Read the Cover Story from Melissa Walker's awesome blog series. She talks about YA book covers and their story about once a week. I highly recommend them!

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Diana said...

awesome review! I can tell you really liked this book and that makes me want to read it :) i havent heard much talk about it, so thanks for sharing your thoughts!

ps. cutee blog :) i shall follow!