Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Exile

***Spoilers exist from the previous novel***

With her new-found freedom after being removed from her role of Princess, Aurelia has decided to tour her country. She longs to see her people in their every day roles.

Robert and guards accompany her on her journey. At first, Aurelia travels as a Princess. However, she doesn't want to the people to see her as above their station. She wants to become one of them. She gets her wish when an unexpected attempt on her life causes her to flee with Robert. Soon Robert becomes the only person she trusts. He's not crazy about the way she puts herself in danger.

The two of them travel in disguise and off the main roads. While traveling, they run into a group of bandits. The leader, with his own army, protects Aurelia's mother.

As Aurelia spends time with her mother, she unravels the truth from her past. She sees herself split between two futures. She could remain her and forget about the outside world, or she can continue her journey.

Her life's filled with difficult choices and emotional turmoil. The knowledge that her step-sister wants to take the crown motivates her. The horrors she sees on her journey motivate her. The danger of someone following her footsteps lurking in the shadows waiting to kill her motivates her. How far will she go to protect herself, Robert, and her people?

My Thoughts: A great continuation of Aurelia's story. It's full of tension - danger lurking everywhere with double-crossings, and betrayals. Romantic tension fills the book. It's both frustrating (in a good way) and adorable. I love the bittersweet moments between Aurelia and her mother. I like how Aurelia's mind works through all that she sees. I love her sense of right and wrong colors her world. I love her determination. She's a character one can't help but root for her success. I simply can't wait until the final installment comes out!

Cover Thoughts: LOVE the cover

Source: from the author


Publication Date: April 28th

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