Monday, March 7, 2011

Review: Teashop Girls

Annie and her two BFF Genna and Zoe used to hang out at her grandmother's tea shop. Now with the end of 8th grade drawing near, the friends are pulled in different directions.

Once nicknamed the Teashop girls, each has her own direction. Zoe's focused on tennis. Genna's focused on acting. Annie becomes focused on the Steeping Leaf once again.

She asks her grandmother for a job as a barista. Annie soaks up the atmosphere. She loves her job, especially as she gets to flirt with her cute co-worker.

Before long, she realizes the Steeping Leaf is in trouble - big trouble. Annie's grandmother might be in danger of closing her shop. Annie vows not to let that happen. She attempts rallies her friends and the neighborhood together to save the shop.

Will their efforts be enough to save the Steeping Leaf?

My Thoughts: A cute book. I'm glad the story will be continuing. I liked learning more about tea. The illustrations add to the book's charm. I love the friendship between the girls and how it's changing as they grow older. I love the atmosphere of the Steeping Leaf. I wish I knew a shop just like it. And I simply adore the idea of the Teashop Girls - a club that meets for tea weekly!

Cover Thoughts: This is the paperback cover and it works well. I like it much better than the Hardback cover - however, there's a sketch inside of the tea shop that would love amazing as the cover. I wish they chose that one instead.

Source: My Library

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Up Next: The series continues with The Secret Ingredient due in June!

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The cover is so cute! Great review (: