Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Buffalo West Wing

Ollie's day with the new first family doesn't go well. As head chef, she rules the kitchen. When a box of chicken wings appear in the kitchen without going through the proper channels of protocol, Ollie refuses to let them be served.

When her assistant delivers the chicken wings to the laundry room for a late night snack, several laundry room workers and butlers become deathly ill. They're immediately rushed to the hospital. When terrorists take over the hospital, things in the White House become tense.

Secret Service launches an investigation. Ollie tries to keep out of the plot, but fails miserably.

On top of the terrorist plot against the new First Family, who isn't apprised of the situation, Ollie must deal with heat from the First Lady. She's not pleased her children were denied their gift. She brings in her personal chef to prepare all the family meals. Ollie's worried her job might be in jeopardy.

My Thoughts: This is the fourth book in the White House Chef series. Ollie commands her kitchen and her sharp observations command the attention of the Secret Service. Ollie and her assistant Cyan are both newly single. Cyan decides they both need a little romance in their lives. Ollie deals with juggling work issues, a threat to her job, keeping her kitchen operational in times of a crisis all while trying to understand the new First Family. The plots of the terrorists take twists and turns adding lots of danger. The action packed final climax leaves me breathless. I devoured this book. I couldn't stop reading, I HAD to know what happened.

Cover Thoughts: I love the cover for these novels!

Source: My Library

Up Next: The second book in her new series starting with Grace Under Pressure (Manor of Murder series). Grace Interrupted will be out in June. I'm looking forward to the latest installment

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