Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Thirteenth Princess

By the time she's eleven, Zita learns she's not just an ordinary servant. While she does work in the kitchen, she's actually a Princess. Bit by bit, she wheedles out the truth of her birth from Cook, the housekeeper, and the maids.

Her father, the King, always wanted a son. Instead, twelve daughters arrived. All of their names begin with "A" after their mother. On the dark and stormy night Zita was born, her mother exited the world. The death of her mother broke her father's heart. He rejected his daughter and named her after the patron saint of servants.

All this time Zita has been kept apart from her sisters. When she uncovers the truth, she tries to speak with them whenever she sees them. She starts spending time with them in secret.

Soon after her twelfth birthday, she begins to notice changes in her sisters' behavior. They won't talk to dinner guests. They seem tired all the time. Soon, one by one, they fall to theirs beds. No one can figure out the cause of their illness. Zita knows she must do something to save her sisters.

My Thoughts: A unique Twist of the fairy tale of Twelve Dancing Princesses. I loved hearing the story from a 13th sister - unknown to the world. Zita was sweet, charming, and brave. I loved reading her relationship develop with her sisters. I enjoyed her relationship with the stable boy Breckin.

Cover Thoughts: I love it

Source: My Library

Out Now: A True Princess - a Princess and the Pea tale


Anonymous said...

Fairy tales seem to be a good source for book material. It's interesting how authors spin off from the original.

thebookstalker said...

Great review. I had not heard of this book before and it's going straight on my to-be-read list. I love the twist of there being a 13th princess. Thanks!