Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Toads and Diamonds

Diribani and Tana both meet a goddess while fetching water from the town. She grants each sister a gift. When Diribani speaks, jewels and flowers fall from her mouth. When Tana speaks, toads and snakes fall from her mouth.

When their secret is discovered, it changes the sisters' lives. Diribani finds herself traveling with the Prince and his family. Each jewel is recorded and taken to send back to her village. Diribani learns a new set of customs but struggles to keep part of herself intact.

Tana's gift brings fear. She, too, leaves her home and travels to a monastery. Before long, she sets off on a pilgrimage to learn the true meaning of her gift. Her travels bring her grief and destruction follows in her path.

Are their gifts a blessing or a curse?

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this read. I'm starting to adore Fairy Tales. The chapters alternated with each sister's story. As each sister struggles to understand her gift, they encounter danger, friendship, romance, hardships, joy, tests of their strength, and a strong desire to see her sister.

Cover Thoughts: I LOVE this cover - it's so different and vibrant!

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A great post about an interesting read! Thanks for the recommendation!