Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Sphinx's Queen

The sequel to Spinx's Princess:

Nefertiti and Amenophis are on the run. They're desperately trying to escape from Prince Thutmose. Together, with an ex-slave, they're floating down the river in an attempt to reach the Pharaoh.

They must reach the Pharaoh in order to clear Nefertiti 's name. After much hardship and a little luck, they reach his side. Only to discover that Prince Thutmose has beaten them there.

Now Nefertiti must stand before the Pharaoh and clear herself from the false charges thrown her way by Prince Thutmose.

It doesn't help that she has fallen in love with Amenophis - the Prince's brother. It doesn't help that the Pharaoh himself is in awe of her beauty. She must prove herself before the gods.

How will Nefertiti prove her innocence and with so many people against her is it possible for her to have a happy ending?

My Thoughts: I'm big fan of Esther Friesner, I love her strong historical female characters and Nefertiti's tale remains the same. For much of the book Nefertiti remains isolated, even heartbroken. Still she manages to gather strength and to instill strength in others. Despite all the hardships she must endure, Friesner imagines character both powerful and yet vulnerable. I loved the historical background of the novel and the opportunity to know a little bit more about Nefertiti.

Cover Thoughts: Pretty - I love the dress

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Challenge: YA Historical Fiction Challenge

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LM Preston said...

Oh, I love the cover and this story of the famed beauty. thanks for writing the review.