Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Things: Adult Romantic Mysteries

As you know, I'm a huge mystery reader. I read mostly cozies and love the splash of romance in them. Here's a few of my favorite romances in mysteries/thrillers

Stephanie Plum series: I'm a Ranger fan, but I love the choice between him and Joe
Truly Madly: I love the idea of the cupids in this series and that fact that Lucy doesn't have the gift. She still manages to snag Sean's attention.
How to Murder a Millionaire: the Blackbird Sisters series: I love the pull between Nora and Michael. Plus Michael's family connections make it all the more interesting.
Hannah Swensen Mysteries: The choice between Mike and Norman doesn't seem that hard - until life gets in the way.
Some Girls Bite: A paranormal mystery, but I love the tension between Merit and Ethan
Size 12 Isn't Fat: Heather relies on Cooper more than she realizes
Savannah Reid mystery: It's not an entirely romance relationship but the banter and the potential between Savannah and Dirk are amazing.
Domestic Bliss Mystery: What starts as immediate dislike could grow into to something more between Erin and Steve. I love their banter and all the design talk.
Givenchy Code: A strange deadly game brings Melanie into the arms of a handsome strange.
Coffeehouse Mystery: I love the smell of coffee you can sense all through this series. I like how Clare can't keep her thoughts to herself. Mike Quinn definitely gets under her skin

What about you?


Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of those, but the Stephanie Plum series (which I love). I am totally a Ranger girl myself! I might have to check the other ones out!

Jessica said...

I love the J.D. Robb "In Death" seires, and the Abby Cooper Psychic Eye mysteries you totally got me hooked on.