Thursday, February 17, 2011

Review: Love Off-Limits

Natalie writes for the school newspaper. Among other articles, she's in charge of the anonymous romance advice column. She feels like a hoax, because she's having the biggest romance doubts in her life.

She's been dating Jeremy for two years. Everything about him screams perfection. While she cares about him, she's afraid she's no longer in love with him.

It's the worst possible timing, as his parents are going through a divorce. She doesn't want to break up with him during his time of need, but she doesn't want to keep up pretenses of their failing relationship.

The worst part is she's having feelings for someone else - his best friend. How can she give advice to others when she can't even handle her own love life?

My Thoughts: LOVE OFF-LIMITS is a quick, entertaining read filled with humor, romance advice, self-doubts, and learning when to take a stand.

Cover Thoughts: This one doesn't pull me in either direction - it's ok, but not great and not terrible

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Challenge: Simon Pulse Ro Com Challenge.

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Jessica said...

The book sounds cute, but yeah...that's not even close to a really inspiring, gotta-get-my-hands-on-it-now!!! cover...