Monday, February 21, 2011

Review: Birthmarked

On the night Gaia performs her duty as a midwife for the first time, her whole life changes. Daughter to a famous midwife, Gaia can't help but want to follow in her mother's footsteps. Everything changes when she arrives home that night to discover the Enclave has taken both of her parents in for questioning.

The Enclave has questions for her two. She doesn't know what they're talking about, she is carrying a secret with her. Just before she found a soldier in her house waiting for her, an old family friend broke the news to her. Old Meg passes Gaia something from her mother, something that could be very dangerous to possess.

Gaia must make a decision. Will she believe everything the Enclave's taught her for the last 16 years or will her eyes be opened? Is there anything she can do to help her parents?

My Thoughts: This dystopian novel hooked me from the beginning. I liked watching the world unfold and how the capturing of her parents changed Gaia. The world was very interesting - an outside world dependent on a world inside walls ruled by a series of laws. With each world failing on it's own, one woman could have the key to changing both. Her daughter must decide what path to take. I loved the series of choices Gaia must make, the puzzles she deciphered, and the friendships she tested along the wat. A smart satisfying emotional read.

Cover Thoughts: I'm not crazy about the cover. Maybe I just don't understand it, but it just doesn't appeal to me.

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Maya said...

I loved this book! I was hooked the moment I read the words "16-year-old midwife."