Monday, February 28, 2011

Review: Orphan of Destiny

** WARNING - this is book 3 in the series - SPOILERS exist from the previous 2 books**

Tristan and his companions Robard and Maryam have finally made their way back to England. They managed to escape capture from Sir Hugh. However, Tristan became injured during the escape. Now he's trying to heal as they make their way North to deliver the package to Rosslyn.

As they make their way North, they encounter old friends, make new friends, learn of death and destruction of loved ones, and attempt to hide their tracks from old and new enemies.

They stop briefly at Robard Hode's estate before the three friends continue their journey. When they arrives at the end location, they encounter a grave danger that might cost them everything.

My Thoughts: The end of a great series filled with action, danger, friendship, betrayal, and loyalty. I love how the tale weaves in historical/mythical people such as Robard Hode (Robin Hood), Maryam (Maid Marian), Little John, and Friar Tuck with the Holy Grail. I loved the series. The map was great. I wish there had been an historical note at the end of the series explaining the historical elements of the tale.

Cover Thoughts: I adore these covers because they bring forth the action of the series and they're eye catching!

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