Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mysterious Saturday Review: Buttercream Bump Off

Melanie and Angie own Fairy Tale Bakery. In gearing up for Valentine's Day, they're hosting a contest for a special night on the town. They're hoping to add some more business to the cupcake bakery.

Murder, not love is in the air for Melanie's mother. Her first date with a man leaves him dead in the hot tub and the police looking at her for as the prime suspect.

Melanie starts digging to uncover more leads. When the man's son comes into her shop causing a ruckus, Angie backs him down. The rock star takes one look at Angie and falls hard for her.

Soon Angie's dating a murder suspect. Melanie's trying to run the bakery in her absence with the help of a new customer, and Tate (their silence business partner and good friend) is struggling with his irritation at Angie's new love life.

My Thoughts: I really love this series for the small town gossip, the rival cupcake baker, and the customers coming into the bakery. The setting just adds to a small town feel where you know everyone and everyone knows your business, whether you want them to know it or not. However, the best part of the series is the relationships: the friendship between the three friends, the potential romance between two of the friends, and Melanie's love life. Not to mention drooling over the CUPCAKES. I craves cupcakes while reading this series. This novel ends with a cliff hanger ending over a very life changing decision for all three friends. I'm very curious to where the series will go next.

Cover Thoughts: LOVE it! I especially love the conversation hearts.

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