Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book's I'm Dying to Read...

Magic, Regency England, and
Romance = sounds perfect


A test fit for a goddess
awesome premise!

Great first Viola novel
looking forward to book 2

Do I even NEED to say anything here?

Time traveling on board the Titanic!

I love prom books and the author!

Start of a new 39 Clues series!

Loved the first book,
can't wait to see what happens next!

a fun HF novel with a great cover!

Love this fun friendship series

I ADORE these series, so sad for them to end. One full of Hollywood drama and the other awesome action and thrilling danger.



I LOVED Hex Hall and can't wait
to see what happens next for Sophie!


I've heard such good things about this one,
plus the COVER!

LOVED Princess for Hire,
Curious about this one,
sounds Very Good.


Love basketball books,
this sounds a little like Diary Queen

Hoping to
attend the launch party!
I'm a sucker for books about
the sight and murder mysteries!
Loved the first book, curious about
where this one will lead!

All these books will be coming out in March or


Anonymous said...

What a great list! I want to read a bunch of those. Wither and Clarity especially! :)

lisa and laura said...

I am dying to read Clarity, The Goddess Test and Sean Griswold's Head. So many good books coming this Spring!

Jessica said...

Great list. "Clarity" was excellent. I'm also dying to read "Eona," "The Goddess Test," "Wither," "Kat, Incorrigible," and "Demonglass!!"

Anonymous said...

Woo GIRL. You've got a lot of books to look forward to! I'm looking forward to Sean Griswold, Goddess Test & Playing Hurt. I LOVED Dairy Queen. Will be looking forward to reading your reviews. =)