Friday, September 3, 2010

Review: Twice Bitten

Merit and her Master vampire have a love-hate relationship. Merit isn't sure how to evolve from the relationship and she's not sure she wants to try. However, something more important catches the vampire community - the arrival of the werewolves for a meeting about their future.

The Alpha werewolf extends the hand of interest to Ethan Sullivan and Merit. They attend a meeting of the werewolf clan heads - only to find tempers ranging and the night end with disaster.

Now Ethan and Merit acts as guards for the Alpha while trying to untangle the attempted murder as well as figuring out the future for the werewolves and thus the paranormal community. In a previous war, the werewolves let the vampire take on the humans in war. Now that the world might be on the brink of war once again, will the werewolves stay and fight or will they disappear once again.

With tensions at a boiling point, Merit's having issues finding an outlet from work. Work is crazy. Her love life a disaster. She's in a fight with her best friend. Will all these issues add up to Merit doing something reckless and endangering herself?

My Thoughts: A adult novel from a crossover author (YA debut was Firespell) and the third in this series that's so hard to put down. There's so many things I love about this series, but mostly it's the relationships: Merit and her relationship with Sullivan - mostly the snark and verbal sparring and their tension/ Merit and Mallory's relationship / Merit and the world.

Cover: Awesome!

Source: Purchase and will be donating to the library

Fun Fact: I'm actually listed in the Reviews in the beginning of the book - under Teens Read Too and I just noticed this!

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Jessica said...

I own this and I totally didn't know you were listed in there! Gonna have to go home and look! *squee!
I LOVE this series and am so happy she got the go-ahead for more.