Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Review: Arson

Arson feels like a freak and an outcast. He moves along in life, mostly trying to stay invisible. Then a family moves next door.

There's a girl who wears a mask and from the moment Arson meets her, she pushes him. She asks him the tough questions. She makes him go places with her. She gets under his skin. In a way, she's a freak too.

Together the two of them form a relationship where they both step out of their comfort zones. While they're together, everything else fades. But before long, life catches up with them and takes them by surprise.

Is there bond strong enough with withstand the pressure?

My Thoughts: Honestly, this isn't a book I'd normally read. I found the relationship between Arson and Emery very intriguing and I wanted to discover their secrets. I think teens who enjoy edgy and dark books will enjoy this read.

The Cover: Interesting - I love the flaming title.

Source: From the Author.


Anonymous said...

The cover kinda freaks me out. I think I might have nightmares after having that on my nightstand.

Book Soulmates said...

The cover art is really well done, but really intense. Has a Friday the 13th feel to it with the eyeless mask!

Colene Murphy said...

The cover is wonderful! Love it. And it sounds like an intense read. Thanks for the heads up!