Monday, September 6, 2010

Review: Spy Glass

Opal has lost all her magical powers. She feels lost without them. without her magic, she doesn't know what to do with her life. Opal's moping about her parent's house trying not to face her new reality.

Since she's lost her powers, she's unable to create the glass figurines that allows magicians to contact each other from a great distance. Thus the council is unhappy with her. She's not about to confide in them that she's also immune to magic.

Someone plants a seed into her brain as her blood may have been taken unwillingly during a torture experience. With her blood, she may be able to gain back her magic through a dark magic. Just as easily, her blood may be given to another person and her powers transferred. This pushes Opal into motion.

She sets her plan in motion. With Valek's help, she trains for the biggest mission of her life little knowing that it could not only cost her her life, but also everything and everyone she loves dearly.

My Thoughts: This is the end of the trilogy that comes after Poison Study. I read this directly after reading Mockingjay and both books are highly emotional reads with traumatic and horrific events happening to the main characters.

I love Maria V. Snyder. I hope that she continues to write tales in this world because I'm not ready to say goodbye to the characters. I love the unique magical elements magicians possess. I love the characters, it's hard to pick favorites. There's so much danger in this world, hatred, and anger but it's offset with amazing friendships, love, and bonds to tough to break.

The Cover: Awesome!

Source: Purchased.

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