Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review: Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball

Erin's aunt dies, leaving her a box to be opened alone. Inside the book rests a pink crystal ball with a set of instructions.

Erin's two best friends Lindsay and Samantha think the crystal ball might be the key to unlocking their secret wishes. Erin isn't convinced. She's doesn't think outside the box - much.

Erin's also trying to convince her used-to-be friend that she's not boring. Against the odds, they're partners for an art project. Erin can't help remembering the one time they made out while playing seven minutes in heaven two years ago. While Jesse's a little different, he's still a hottie. He doesn't seem to remember that night. He also doesn't seem to remember they used to be friends. Working on this project together might bring up old times and maybe something more. Could he be the key to her letting go just a little?

Plus, she's trying to write an essay for a chance for a trip to Italy. he has to write about her life experiences. Unfortunately because Erin rarely strays from the box, she can't think of anything important to write.

Her friends are still pushing her about the crystal ball, but Erin's trying to figure out the instructions. Lindsey and Samantha push her into asking it questions: Does the hottest boy in school think she's smexy? or Will her English teacher say her paper was well researched and insightful? As the questions get tougher, so does the outcome. Is the ball wreaking havoc on her life?

My Thoughts: I seriously love SMEXY = smart +sexy. This book is super cute. I love how Erin usually lives inside the box, but must make her way out of her comfort zone courtesy of a pink crystal ball. I love how the ball has rules and it takes a while to figure them out. I hope this is the start of a trilogy.

The Cover: Wickedly awesome!
*the Cover combined with the title sold this book for me*

Source: My Library


Jessica said...

This one does sound super cute! Plus I like to think that we are both "Smexy." Gonna add this to my TBR list.

LC Glazebrook said...

ooh yeah I need to "look into" this one!


Katie said...

this book sounds really cute! Great review!