Thursday, September 9, 2010

Review: Double Date

Casey's single for the moment but that doesn't mean she's not still hung up on Cappie. With the All-Greek formal fast approaching, she needs to find a killer date.

Ashleigh's intent on finding her BFF a date, then the doorbell rings. A handsome stranger stands on the doorstep. Could it really be that easy?

Meanwhile her brother's asked her to find Dale a date to a Honors Engineering Award dinner. When Casey can't find a girl willing to attend, she agrees to be his date. Unfortunately, the night before the awards dinner, several of the important alumni wind up with food poisoning pushing the dinner one night back and directly into the conflict with the All-Greek formal.

Now Casey's double booked. She doesn't know what to do because she can't miss the biggest Greek event of the year. However she doesn't want to break her promise to Dale. Which event will she choose to attend?

My Thoughts: I Love the Greek TV show - I think this takes place after the second season because I learned more details about the characters. I really love these characters. I love Cappie and his carefree ways. I love Rusty as he freaks out about everything. He's the nerdy sweet boy. I love the sarcasm of Dale - who else would name his band DARWIN LIED. Mostly, I enjoyed further delving into these characters and their lives.

The Cover: Cute!

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