Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Pepperoni Pizza Can be Murder

Eleanor can't seem to catch a break. While no one is trying to pin a murder on her - the body was found in her pizza joint.

Unfortunately, the body is the brother of Greg, who works in Eleanor's shop. Greg and Wade have been fighting over their inheritance from their grandparents. Greg, while a good guy, is the black sheep of the family. He comes into the shop one day after a meeting with his brother about signing the papers with a broken nose. He finally stood up to his brother's bullying and punched him.

The next day, his brother is dead and Greg's on the run. Eleanor knows he would never kill his brother. She just wants him to be safe. She sees him here and there, but each time the police are only minutes behind him.

Eleanor and her sister decide to dig into the murder as the police focus all their energy on Greg. Can they stir up a hornet's nest without provoking an attack and landing themselves in grave danger?

My Thoughts: I love this series (this is the 2nd) for the sister relationship, the pizza (I adore pizza), and the loyalty of their friends.

The Cover: I Love it, especially since the rolling pin IS the murder weapon

Source: ILL

Read the first chapter here

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