Thursday, September 30, 2010

Review: Elite Ambition

*Warning: as this book is 10th in the series, it will contain plot spoilers of the previous books. Stop reading if you haven't read the series and want to do so*

Sasha and Heather return from their fall break. Sasha's nervous about talking to Jacob after she's found out Heather's been e-mailing him pretending to her Sasha all week. Still, she can't deny her feelings for Jacob. She goes to meet him and to discover if they can slowly take a chance on dating each other.

Sasha's also uneasy about her relationship with Paige after their fight and her refusal to talk with Paige during vacation. Although they apologize to each other, there's still tension in the room. As time goes on, Sasha just wants things to return to normal with her BFF. Something's lurking beneath the surface. Will they actually hash out their feelings?

Sasha's trying not to get caught up in all the drama as she focuses on riding. There's a new girl in the YENT lessons. Sasha really likes Brit, they get along great and have fun hanging out together. Sasha knows what it's like to be the new girl and she's more than happy to have a new friend.

Can Sasha finally relax and focus on her riding or will her friendship drama reach a boiling point and cause her to mess up everything?

My Thoughts: I'm so addicted to this series and the cliff hanger endings make me want the next book immediately.

The Cover: Amazing, I love all of them in this series.

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