Monday, September 20, 2010

Review: Firelight

Jacinda has a deep dark secrets that one morning almost comes out destroying everything she holds dear. She's a draki - a descendant of dragons who can portray themselves as humans. Each draki has a special power and Jacinda can breathe fire.

This has gained attention from the Prince of her pride. She's not interested in his attentions. After that almost fatal morning, her mother doesn't give her a choice.

Her mother, her sister, and Jacinda pack their bags and escape in the dead of the night. They travel to the desert, where they will blend into the human world. Jacinda's sister can't wait for school, making new friends, and maybe trying out for cheerleading. Jacinda can't believe it.

The heat from the desert threatens to kill her draki form - which is part of her mother's intention. Jacinda feels trapped. She hates her life. Then she meets Will. She meet Will the morning her life changed forever. She feels drawn towards him and even though she knows she should stay away from him, she can't. They dance around each other.

Will she remain in human form or will her struggle with her draki side force her to take action in saving herself?

My Thoughts: When does book two come out? Because I want to read it NOW. Seriously, it's that good. Jacinda and Will's relationship is steamy and sizzling - literally. I can't say enough about this book: there's danger, family drama between sisters, attempting to fit in at a new school, jealous mean girls, a that one boy who makes everything worth it.

The Cover: Amazing. I love the scales around the eye and the shimmering skin- so creative!

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Tere Kirkland said...

Finished this last night, and I'm dying for the next one!

Great pacing, characters I care about and an original plot make this one a must read for paranormal lovers.