Monday, September 27, 2010

Banned Books: Censorship of teen books

Censorship is never ok. As a teen librarian, it pains and horrifies me to read about teen books being either banned or challenge. I hate reading that one man thought Speak had pornographic scenes. That's wrong on so many levels and so many of us in the book world have expressed outrage. I'm not going to talk about that.

Instead I want to talk about decisions. The reasons behind the banning/challenging teen books consist mainly due to sex, drug, language, or topics too mature for teens to handle. I don't think any of these "reasons" gives any one person or a group of people the right to revoke someone else's reading privileges.

Teens struggle every day with making decisions. It's awesome that they have SO many books to read to help them identify in their struggles. Teens can't always talk to their mom, their BFF, their boyfriend, or anyone else. They might be embarrassed or shy or not really sure how to put their feelings into words. Books can help guide someone through a tough decision or a tough time. Books can help. Books can heal. Books can work miracles.

And when that right book comes around at the exact moment it's needed, it could change someone's life. It could help them SPEAK. It could help them make an amazing decision. It could give them courage, hope, or the ability to dream.

How could you think of taking that away from someone else?


Colene Murphy said...

I don't understand it. But that might be because we don't have the same outlook on life that the people who would ban things have. I often wonder how they see the world. It freaks me out.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

I am reading Speak right now and hope to have my review up tomorrow. great post!

Unknown said...

I have never understood how some people think they have the right to tell others that they aren't allowed to read something.

I say we should challenge the challengers.