Monday, May 10, 2010

Review from Karma Club

Madison has the perfect boyfriend. She even sent in his photo to an uber-popular magazine for best boyfriend. Once they publish his photo, she hopes they will rise in popularity.

She couldn’t be happier gaining entrance to the exclusive parties at the Loft, until she finds her boyfriend making out with Queen Bee Heather Campbell. She rushes out of the party and waits for him to call and apologize. The phone call never comes.

Instead, Madison must face the new “It” couple on Monday. She spends the week wallowing, until her mother forces her on a field trip – where she has a brilliant idea.

Boys break hearts and nothing ever happens as a consequence, so Madison and her two BFFs start up a Karma Club to take back what matters most to the boys who broke their hearts.

Will messing with Karma come back to bite them in the butt?

My Thoughts: A very entertaining read filled with friendship, girls kicking butt, and taking a break from boys. I love books with girls taking charge - and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Cover: Not crazy about it

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Fun Fact: Kick Butt Trailer

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