Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morning with an Author: Sarah Strohmeyer

This year, after our annual library fundraiser, we had a Morning with an Author at the library with awesome author Sarah Strohmeyer.

Here we are together:

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10 fun facts:

10. She's super sweet.
9. She lives in Vermont

8. She used to be a reporter

7. She tells amazing stories
both in life and in her books
6. She just turned in manuscript- about martinis
5. Which meant, she had to try a bunch of them

4. She's very entertaining - we laughed a LOT

3. She puts stories people tell her in her books

2. She has a very funny story about a Hollywood meeting
1. She's going to be writing a YA novel!

Here she is with some library staff:

Here's a READ poster:
Here's a book trailer I made for the event featuring The Penny Pinchers Club

PS. You can also read about her visit at Papermom

1 comment:

Julie said...

Jennifer - Sarah was everything you said and more!