Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Cook the Books

Chloe’s still reeling from her breakup with chef boyfriend Josh, who moved to Hawaii . She misses him something fierce, but the new addition to her BFFs family helps ease the pain a little. Although she know needs to find a part time job to pay for all the baby items for Patrick.

She finds the perfect job, helping to organize a cookbook of Boston restaurants with the son of a famous chef. Chloe hears that Digger, Josh’s friend, has a new restaurant opening soon. She volunteers to call him and set up a tasting with her boss and his father.

When Chloe arrives at Digger’s apartment for the tasting a little bit early to help set up, she discovers a fire truck blocking her way. Digger’s apartment building set on fire, with him trapped inside. At first, it looks like an accident, but the more Chloe talks to other chefs for the cookbook, the more she uncovers.

When Josh shows up to find answers, Chloe finds herself in hot water. On one hand, she’s so happy to see him, but so angry with him for leaving. Does he have the best intentions or will she be setting herself up for another heartbreak?

Could Chloe be engaging with a killer who wants to advance in the chef world or could it be a woman wronged out for revenge? Will she uncover the truth before she says too much to the wrong person?

My thoughts: The fifth book in the Gourmet Girl series(a mother-daughter author team) mixes murder, romance, jobs and friendships with food, lots of food. I like how this one covers more relationships while the murder seems to take a backseat. I love food books, but they always make me hungry.

The Cover: Nice, I do love the deadly food type covers

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