Saturday, May 29, 2010

BEA 2010

BEA was quite an adventure - and that was just the bus ride, which I won't bore with you the details, but it was horrific.

I saw amazing people. The ones not included in the video are Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Kristi from the Story Siren, Jessica Miller from I Read to Relax, awesome CT YA librarians, and Laura M who I meant at ALA Midwinter in Boston.

Here's some photos taken with my cellphone and not the best:

Jonathon Stroud:

Lauren Kate:

Ridley Pearson:

The Amazing Harlequin desk

Where I saw Maria V. Snyder!

I missed some great authors and events due to the bus issues.
I missed other authors that I meant to see, but never found.
I also missed some booths that I really wanted to see.

However, I got amazing goodies books like these:


Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Whoa, sounds like you had an awesome time and I'm so jealous of all the goodies you got!! :D
By the way, what's that Vixen promotion thing about? Who's the book by? I can't see, but you said it looks similar to BYT so I'm intrigued! :)

Jessica said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for the shoutout! I had a blast hanging out with you for part of the day at BEA. I've gotta post my vlog later today or tmrw...SO behind on my blogging!

Anonymous said...

I hope to go some day. Too bad you had bus issues, but it still seems like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...