Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Red Delicious Death

No good deed goes unpunished. Meg Corey points to young people in the direction of a building for their dream of opening up a restaurant. To her delight, they purchase the building. They're going to need some help getting it ready. Meg knows that Seth will do what he can to give them a hand. She's ready to give them some names of people in the area who might sell them produce.

The trio (a married couple and their best friend) move into the space above the proposed restaurant and get to work. They're so excited to get started on their dream, until of of the trio turns up dead.

Their friend is found face down in a pig field with a boot print on his back. No one understands this murder. There are very few clues as he hasn't been in town long enough to make any enemies. No one from his past looks dangerous.

Will this murder derail the plans for the restaurant? Meg steps in and attempts puzzle out this case while she starts getting ready to harvest her first apple crop. She's extraordinarily busy with learning about the orchard. Is there a murderer living among the townspeople? Will this case ever be solved?

My Thoughts: This is the 3rd in the series. Quite an enjoyable read and fun to get to know the town better. I'm looking forward to the next book.

The Cover: Eye Catching

Source: my Library

Fun Fact: Sheila Connolly has a new series coming soon: Museum Mysteries, which will be set in Philadelphia. The first book should be out in Fall 2010--watch for future announcements!

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