Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Glazed Murder

Suzanne bought a donut shop directly after her divorce from Max. She's struggling to make it work and adapt to her crazy schedule - getting up and into the store by 2 AM and sleeping at 8 PM. One morning, she just makes it the store when she spies a body thrown out onto the street.

She doesn't get a good look at the person, but she scared when she realizes it's murder. Although the police have their own investigation going, she can't help wondering if they're looking in the right place. She's nervous that the killer could be coming after her next. Everyone around her seems to be telling her something different.

A former policeman is helping dig around. Her assistant wants to be part of the team, but Suzanne doesn't want anything happening to the young girl. Her ex-husband seems to be there every time she turns around. Her mother's driving her crazy. Then there's Jake. As the police, he's hurt she doesn't believe he can do the job, but as a man, he could be just the thing she needs to hep her move on from her past.

She and her best friend Grace start asking questions about the murder. The deeper they dig, the more they uncover and the more questions arise. Could what they uncover put them into danger?

My Thoughts: I craved donuts while reading this book. I loved hearing about the baking side of making donuts and working in the shop while trying to generate more customers. It also contains donut recipes. Overall, I Loved it.

I can't wait for the next one,
Fatally Frosted coming in August.

The Cover: Simple, yet cute.

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