Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mysterious Saturday Review: Tressed to Kill

Grace Ann returns home after a divorce and back to her mother's beauty salon. When an uppity woman comes into the shop looking for a haircut as her usual place couldn't fit her in, she causes trouble. She takes a phone call that allows the dye to stay in her hair too long. Her hair streaks turn orange and she threatens shut down the business. Later that night Grace Ann and her mother stumble across this woman's body.

Now they're the prime suspects for murder. Grace Ann and the rest of the staff at the salon take it upon themselves to gather information in hopes of clearing Grace Ann's mother. Someone doesn't want them digging and leaves messages to warn them off the case.

That doesn't stop Grace Ann, even when the attacks increase in malice. Will she stick her neck out too far?

My Thoughts: The first in a new series complete with beauty recipes and Southern charm. The secondary characters add flair. There's just a hint of romance making this new cozy a pure delight.

The Cover: very cute!

The Source: ILL from the library system