Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Author Visit: Marley Gibson

Marley Gibson came to Otis Library on Monday.

Here's a photo of us together:

Ten Fun Things about Marley
10. She wrote two books under the name Kate Harmon
9. She's a BUZZ girl
8. She used to make up stories about her 300 stuffed animals - proms, weddings, beauty pageants and she made up a newspaper with these stories, plus photos articles, and gossip
7. She started ghost hunting in her teens and she's seen things that she can't explain
6. She's going to do a ghost hunt at a library in Key West
5. She's really funny: "They're going to eat that up like chocolate cake" (speaking of the Heather Davis book The Clearing)
4. She and her sweetie are traveling around the country in their RV with their books and goodies (including awesome, but gross skull brains)
3. There could be SIX books in the Ghost Huntress series
2. which just might be made into a movie - it's been optioned!
1. Her books give me chills - but in a good way

Here's a READ poster:

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