Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review: When Mike Kissed Emma

Emma can't wait for tryouts to the high school musical The Sound of Music- for weeks she and her boyfriend Trevor envisioned themselves as Liesl and Rolfe. They've been singing "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" so it's a shock when her sister Sara lands the role and she lands the part of Maria. Now, Trevor and Sara will be singing to each other while she plays opposite Biker Mike. A fresh face in town and different than the drama crowd, Biker Mike shocks everyone by landing the role of the Captain. When Emma attempts to include him in their social gathering, the plan backfires. Her friends rebel calling him too different and wish that he never tried out for the play. As he and Emma rehearse together, she begins to see the boy underneath the tough exterior. Her feelings soften, but her friends make her feel guilty about spending time with him. Could she be falling for him even though she has the perfect boyfriend?

I saw this book reviewed on another site and thought it looked wicked cute, so imagine my delight at winning a copy. It's a super cute tale of two worlds colliding in high school. I found Emma's friends annoying and hurtful and very small minded - but at the same time realistic. I loved the title chapters and they inevitably made me singing the songs in my head for days. Cute cover too!

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christine M said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed the book!