Monday, March 31, 2014

Parched Blog Tour: Interview with Georgia Clark

About the Book (Summary from Publisher)
 Robots, renewable resources, and romance get tangled together in this thrilling futuristic novel about a utopian city and the sixteen-year-old girl who challenges its peace.
In sixteen-year-old Tessendra Rockwood's world, natural resources are at an all-time low. Most remaining supplies are funneled into Eden, known as the "powerful city of shining abundance," while citizens of the surrounding Badlands eat gelatinous gray porridge and drink reddish iron water.

Tess was born an Edenite, but after the death of her scientist mother she decides to combat this inequality by joining a rebel group called Kudzu. Together they uncover a shocking government plot to carry out genocide in the Badlands using artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, Tess has some complicated ties to the project that test her loyalty.

Will Tess risking her life bring justice to Eden?

Interview with Georgia Clark

Thanks for talking with Me Georgia!

1.     Do you think Earth's resources are in danger for the near (20 years) future?
Yes, I do. Climate change (which 97% of scientists and most Americans agree is a real threat) and our consumerist lifestyles unfortunately destroy so much of our beautiful planet. That’s why it’s important to live sustainably and be kind to the earth. There’s so much you can do: recycle, reduce water and electricity use, buy organic food, have a little compost and veggie garden, buy Fair Trade, stop eating meet, donate to charities you believe in. Educate yourself: it’s empowering and responsible. You can also check out the good work of folks like Charity: Water, who are working to provide clean drinking water to everyone on the planet.

 2.     If you had a robot, what task would you like it to be able to perform?
Help me exercise. I’m pretty disciplined when it comes to writing but I am sooooooo lazy when it comes to working out. I consider going to a yoga class once a month a huge achievement. I’m the worst.
Oh, that sounds good :)

3.     What would make you join a rebel underground movement?
I basically did join a rebel underground movement at university! I was a student activist, and we fought for women’s rights, gay rights, environmental stuff; the works. But to join a group like Kudzu, who are far braver and facing bigger odds than we were: I think I’d just need a way in. Ling would be like, “Do you want to join—”  and I’d be like, “Yes, awesome, when can I start?!”

 4.     What inspired the world of Eden?
My hometown of Sydney, Australia, inspired Eden. It’s this gorgeous, isolated place that seems somewhat oblivious of the rest of the world. The lifestyle there is fantastic. Every day is sunny. The air in the city smells like salt from the sea. When I go back from my home here in New York, I’m always struck by how beautiful and clean and empty it is. It’s surreal.

5.     If you were going 20 years in to the future - what one item would you take to go with you?
My laptop probably wouldn’t work in the future, so I’d take a pen and paper to record my thoughts. Old school style!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Adult Review: Come Home to Me

* Book 6 in the Whiskey Creek series *

Presley returns home after two years - sober and with a toddler. She's opening a yoga and massage retreat center. More than anything, she hopes to put her past behind her.

The one person from her past she can't seem to escape is Aaron. He's still in town, although he's supposed to be moving soon. Unfortunately for Presley, he's still interested in her. Luckily, he's also still in the dark about their son.

Can Presley really start over with him still in her life?
My Thoughts: I love this series. I really like how Presley turned her life around. I loved the moments between her and her son - they were so cute and full of love. I liked her relationship with Arron - even though they had some tense moments. I didn't really like Cheyenne's storyline - it was sad and I wasn't a fan of her choice. Because Presley wasn't part of the main group, there were snippets, but I missed hearing more about the others. So looking forward Eve's story.

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: ARC for review

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: The Chase

 * Book 2 in the Fox and O'Hare series *

The Heist: Kate and Nick have a new assignment: steal a rooster and get it back to the Smithsonian, so they can hand the real one back to the original owners.  A former Chief of Staff owns the real one, while the one on display is a fake.  The country can't afford to give the fake one back to China.

The Time frame: They have two weeks.

The Wrinkles: Carter Grove now runs a private security company and it's next to impossible getting into his house.

The Plan: It's genius - if it works.
My Thoughts: I love this duo - Kate likes to play by the rules and a moral code where Nick just wants to win. They work well together. I love Kate's family - especially her father. I love Nick's plans; they seem to have a smidgen of genius in them. I like how Kate's starting to think like him too - just a little bit. Love all the action, the danger, and the tension between the two. A great second novel. I can't wait to see what happens to the duo next.

Cover: Cute
Source: My Library

Friday, March 28, 2014

Review: Bittersweet

Hudson used to want to be a figure skater - a nationally ranked one. But that was before. Before she knew that her father cheated on her mother. Before her father left them. Before she tanked her skating career just at the most important moment of career.

Three years later, opportunity comes knocking again.Loudly. Hudson receives an invitation to a competition with a large scholarship prize. She hasn't skated since that awful day, but she finds herself wondering what if.

What if she wasn't the girl who worked at the diner. What if she could go back? Should she take that chance? As Hudson attempts to figure out the answers to these questions - life races by and she's pulled too many directions. Which life will she choose?

My Thoughts: I really liked this book. I felt bad for Hudson and how her entire life changed that one day. But I also like how she picked herself up and got on with life. I loved the baking scenes and her goofing off with Dani. I really liked Dani - how different the two girls are and how they work together. Bug was my favorite - sweet and smart. I just wanted to give him a hug. I loved the moments that Hudson spent helping out the hockey team - I loved how they gave her crap and she gave it right back. Romance, family drama, and dreams of escaping make this a wonderful read.

Cover Thoughts: It's ok, but I think a cupcake would have been better
Source: My Library

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Review: Let the Storm Break

 * Sequel to Let the Sky Fall *

Vane's still wrapping his head around his new position. With Audra gone he's worried about the future, his fighting activities, and his relationship status. He's having trouble keeping the lies straight, he can't sleep and his moodiness is wrecking everyone's plans. 

Raiden gearing up for a big fight - and taking more power than he ever had before. When Audra stumbles across his hideout- she learns more about his torture of the wind than she ever wished to know. 

With the wind in his pocket, do the Gales stand a chance against him?
My Thoughts: I really love this series - I love the idea of controlling the wind. As much as I love Audra and Vane - I really felt bad for Solana. All her life, she's been on one track and then suddenly it's a dead end. I felt horrible Vane not being able to sleep, for the bond loosening, and for all the pressure put on him. And that cliff-hanger ending! Man I can't wait for the next one!

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: My Library

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ninja Recon Team

This week's assignment: 10 Items you'd take from a book

Items I would take from the Harry Potter Series:

Hermoine's Time Turner - perfect for making my TBR pile smaller
Marauder's Map - just in case I need to avoid people
Invisibility Cloak - So I can travel around- unseen
Broomsticks - so traveling wouldn't take nearly as long
Hermoine's Bottomless Bag - this would come in handy when packing vacation reading materials
Felix Felicis - For that day when I really need some luck
Honeydukes - I would love the candy there
Butterbeer - YUM
All of the magic that world create to make this one a little better
My personalized Hogwarts Letter

On My Holds List (76)

My Librarian friend Jess from I Read to Relax came up with a great idea.  It's to highlight the books on hold at the library. I usually have 20-40 items checked out at the library and another 20 items on hold.

Landry Park (Landry Park, #1)

Landry Park: Downton Abbey meets The Selection = sold!

Hung Up

Hung Up: Sounds a little like This is What Happy Looks Like - but set in VT with no one famous and told through phone calls and voice messages

Where I Belong

Where I Belong: Spoiled girl arrives in Texas and learns about life

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Bucket List

This week's topic is: Top Ten Things On My Bookish Bucket List. God that seems really hard....
I'd met a lot of great authors over the course of my librarian career.

Things I'd love to happen, but probably won't: 
Meet JK Rowling
Meet George R R Martin
Be an extra in a Castle episode (maybe in a bookstore or library)

Things that Might happen:
I would love to present at YALSA YA Lit Symposium (I was rejected for this year, but there's always next year)
I would love to become a published author (I have several ideas I'm currently working on at the moment.)
Go to ALA this year in Vegas
Reach 1 Million hits on my blog (very far off)
Go to a Romance Writers of America Conference
Attend a Cozy Mystery Writers Conference (not sure if one on just cozies exists, but it would be super fun!)
Go on a Pride and Prejudice Tour

Tween Tuesday Review: Myth Busted

Things you thought might be true but aren't: alligators don't live in the sewers, a penny dropped from the top of the Empire State Building won't kill anyone, a full moon doesn't make people crazy, and gum doesn't really stay in your body for seven years.

My Thoughts: A really fun book with great pictures and great information. The perfect book to read and talk about with a friend! The two hundred pages fly by thanks to the information presented in a fun way. National Geographic Press has a knack for using great photographs, creating illustrations, and using text in eye catching way.

Cover Thoughts: Eye Catching
Source: My Library

Monday, March 24, 2014

Nonfiction Review: Upstairs and Downstairs

I've been trying to read more nonfiction and at the beginning of the Downton Abbey season, I checked this book out of the library. I confess that I stopped watching Downton after what happened to Anna. But the time period is still fascinating. 

My Thoughts: This book describes life as a servant or a resident in one of these great houses beautifully. The pictures were fantastic and numerous making the book that much more enjoyable. I liked how the book took place throughout the entire day starting with the lowest maid before dawn and ending with the same maid at night.  A brilliant overview of the manor houses and the people who live there.

Cover Thoughts: Great - love the bells
Source: My library

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Adult Review: Once Upon a Prince

Susanna had her life all planned out - until her boyfriend returned from his latest tour and breaks up with her. After twelve years, Susanna never expected this.

She meets a man soon after who seems to make a habit of rescuing her. He's never told her the entire truth about him - that he's a prince.

When the truth comes out, Susanna's not quite sure what to expect. She never thought about marriage to Nate and it's impossible because of his country's laws.  Could her heart still get bruised?
My Thoughts: I love reading about Royals and found this book while browsing at a different town library. I don't usually read Christian fiction, but I saw the blurb from Debbie Macomber and thought I'd try it. I really enjoyed it! I liked Susanna and her nosy noisy close family. I liked how she met Nate and the slow build of their relationship. I liked learning about Nate's country and the history behind it. A fun royal read.

Cover Thoughts: Love it
Source: the Library

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: A Potion to Die For

Carly Bell Hartwell makes healing potions. She's more in demand than ever until a dead body turns up in her shop with an empty potion bottle in his hand.

Now Carly's looking to clear her name and get her reputation back. In between asking questions, snooping, and breaking and entering - she has her hands full with family and relationship drama. Can she figure out the murderer before her reputation dies?
My Thoughts:  a strong start to a new series. I liked the small town charm and how quickly gossip spreads. I liked the unfinished business between Carly and Dylan (the lead investigator for the case, who happens to be her ex-finace). I really liked the relationship between Carly and her cousin Delia. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble they get into next.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Nail Candy

A really fun book with all kinds of great ideas for your nails. I've never been one for more than just a plain color on my toes, but this book inspired me to try something new and fun! I like how they talked about how to take care of you nails and how to start creating fabulous nails.

Here are some of my favorite ideas from the 2104 Quick Pick Reluctant Reader choice from YALSA:

Sassy seams, tiny tuxes, monster mouths, laser show, out of this world, headlines, china girl, and turquoise. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: Dog Shaming

This book started with a blog post and turned into something so much more. I heard about the blog from my college BFF. I was so happy to see this book made the 2014 YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Readers list.
I read this book twice-  once by myself where I laughed some and once with my husband where I laughed until I cried. We had such a good time looking at this book that I suggest reading it with a friend.. Don't miss out on this one!

Cover Thoughts: Great
 Source: My Library

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ninja Librarian Recon Team

I've been waiting for this book since I heard the title - how can you go wrong with Ninja Librarians? Coming in just four weeks - could you join the ranks?

Jen Swann Downey’s nonfiction pieces have appeared in New York MagazineThe Washington PostWomen's Day, and other publications. She’s never visited a library in which she didn't want to spend the night. Jen lives in Charlottesville, VA with her family.

Check out the cool video to learn more about the book!

A few characters I'd like to meet from books:
Kat and Hale from Heist Society
Cammie and company from Gallagher Girls series
Harry, Ron, Hermoine (among others) from Harry Potter
Yelena and Valex from Poison Study
Sasha from Canterwood Crest series
Jon Snow and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
Mia and Michael from Princess Diaries
Bryn from Raised by Wolves
Mary from Spy in the House
Jess Darling from Sloppy Firsts 

If you think this sounds great, check out a sneak peek.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Ten Tuesdays: Spring TBR List

This week's topic is Spring TBR piles. I consider Spring to mean April, May, and June. Plus I'm not putting any books on the list that I have in ARC form. With SO many good books coming out, it's hard to choose, so I have three - one tween, one teen, and one adult. 


Adult: (Missing book - Derrick Storm Wild One - which has no cover art yet)


Tween Tuesday Review: Stubby the War Dog

Stubby, a dog from Connecticut, found himself at the training site for the Connecticut National Guard in 1917. He learned some of the commands, made friends with the soldiers, and became a part of something much bigger than he ever expected.

When the soldiers went off to fight in World War I, Stubby went too. He helped out  keeping watch with the men, warning the men of attacks, and soothing aching hearts.

Wounded once, he went back to the line of duty to his friends and to his family. He's still in the hearts and minds of those who knew him and a whole generation just learning about him now.
My Thoughts: A great book on this lovable dog. I love that he knew how to salute and how he knew commands. I love that he drilled with the soldiers and cuddled with them when they needed someone most. I felt bad for J. Robert Conway when he died, but loved the time they had together. Great photographs of Stubby and soldiers round out this book. I really liked seeing his coat and all the medals on it. The only thing missing from this book is maps on where Stubby was during the war. Extensive resources are in the back of the book for further exploration on Stubby's life. Perfect book for animal lovers or for another perspective on war.

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: Book sent for review.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Review: NIL

Charley goes to Target one day and finds herself melting in the parking lot. She wakes up in a rock field - without her clothes.

With no one in sights, she does her best to survive on an island. She builds shelter, finds something to eat, and passes the time. Twelve days later, she sees two guys. Thad and Jason bring her to the city.

Thad becomes her island guide, explaining the rules of NIL. You get 365 days to get off the island from on of the dates. Everyone counts their days. You must contribute something to society while waiting for your turn to go hunting gates.

As Thad shows Charley around, their feelings for each other starts to grow. Can love last on the island?

My Thoughts: I really liked this one, it reminded me of LOST - but with a way off the island. I liked the beauty of the island. I loved how Charley thought about the island as a whole and attempted to figure out it's secrets. A wonderful debut novel with a great visual scene, action, danger, betrayal, friendship, and romance. I can see this one going out a lot in my library. 

Cover Thoughts: Great
Source: ARC for review

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mysterious Saturday Review: Buttoned Up

* Button Box Mystery Series #4 *

Not only has Josie been invited to an art exhibit featuring artist  Forbis Parmenter, but she has the final button to complete the art show. When the finale starts, something scares Forbis and he exits the gallery showing immediately. 

Hours later, he turns up dead with buttons in his eyes and mouth. Once again Nev, asks her for help in solving the murder. In order to do that, she might have to enlist the help of the woman she just met, Evangeline, who also happens to be Nev's former finacee. 

Since Josie didn't know a thing about her, she's having a hard time coming to terms with the news. Can she and Nev work together to solve this case or will their personal troubles get in the way?

My Thoughts: I really enjoy this series. I felt bad for Josie when she learned about Evangeline - who clearly wouldn't mind getting back together with Nev. I loved the idea of the Forbi's art work - using buttons as the focal point. I would love to see a button landscape. I liked how this one focused on art and the art world. Another great installment in this cozy series. 

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: my Library

Friday, March 14, 2014

Women's History Month Read: When Audrey Met Alice

Audrey feels trapped in the White House because of all the rules. Not only did she have to move away from her friends, but now she rarely sees her parents anymore. Audrey meets lonely, especially since she's having such a hard time making new friends.

One night, Audrey finds a secret hiding place in a closet - where she discovers the diary of Alice Roosevelt.  Alice also feels confined with all the rules of her father's position and society.  Alice loves shocking people and seeing how far she can push boundaries.  Audrey starts using Alice's diary as a tool for getting her ideas across and getting herself noticed.

Most of these ideas backfire, laving Audrey in more trouble with the White House staff, the newspapers, and more importantly her parents. Can Audrey find freedom and fun?
My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this book - for both the contemporary and the historical parts. I loved reading Alice's diary - her shocking tales, her adventures, and how she tried to be helpful. I thought Audrey imitating her ideas where cute, but sometimes ill advised. I felt bad for Audrey being torn away from her life and her friends and then forced to figure out if anyone likes her for herself or for her parents. I don't think I would like to live in the White House, but it would be a cool place to spend the night. A great book about two strong characters both trying to find their place in the world.

Cover Thoughts: Cute
Source: My Library

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Upcoming Book Review: Geography of You and Me

One night Lucy and Owen get stuck in an elevator when a black out hits the entire East Coast. It's only 30 minutes before help funds them, but it's enough to make a small connection,

They spend time that night walking about the city - eating ice cream and talking about why they love or hate the city. Finally they climb up to the roof of their apartment building where they talk about everything.

Lucy awakes in the morning - on top of the roof and alone. The spell is broken as she's not sure if she should find Owen and talk with him some more.

That one evening changes both of them. Soon, each of them are moving to new places. They start keeping in touch with emails and postcards, but eventually life gets in the way and their communication dwindles.  Was their friendship only meant to last that one night?
My Thoughts: I Loved this book - I loved how their short time together changed the way they viewed things in the world and how it changed both of them.I liked how they struggled to remain friends during their life changes - the moves, dealing with parents, exploring new cities, and finding new friends. I liked how they still thought about each other. I really liked  the short chapter portion - and how connected they were at that time. I really liked how they traveled around different parts of the world and how they saw the sights. I loved this sentence (the last one in this paragraph):

I Loved this book, a perfect read from one of my favorite authors. Add it to your TBR list!

Cover Thoughts: Love it!
Source: ARC for review
Release Date: April 15th

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Books I'm Dying to Read: May Edition

Here's a list of books I can't wait to get my hands on come May - and there's a lot of them! 

Curses and Smoke: A Novel of PompeiiThe Girl with the Windup Heart (Steampunk Chronicles, #4)
Curses and Smoke:  A forbidden love story set with a natural disaster waiting to happen. 
Girl with a Wind Up Heart: I'm a book behind, but I really love this series

The Castle Behind ThornsCharmed Life #1: Caitlin's Lucky CharmRevenge of the Flower Girls
Castle Behind Thorns: Life in an enchanted castle! Sounds really great.
Revenge of the Flower Girls: Triplets plan to break up their sister's wedding.
Caitlin's Lucky Charm: New MG series by Lisa Schroeder 

Divided (Dualed, #2)Everything Leads to You
Divided: sequel to Dualed. West thought she was safe now, but she was wrong
Everything Leads to You: Romance in Hollywood

The Pilot and the Little Prince: The Life of Antoine de Saint-ExupéryTuesday Tucks Me In: The Loyal Bond between a Soldier and his Service Dog
The Pilot and the Little Prince: A book about the author and the inspiration behind his most famous book.
Tuesday Tucks Me In: Moments of the day between a soldier and a service dog

The Art of LaineyBiggest Flirts (Superlatives, #1)Now and Forever
Art of Lainey: Love is a battlefield and Lainey's about to win back her ex.
Biggest Flirts: Love Jennifer Echols - could two flirts become series about each other?
Now and Forever: Love her books! What if your boyfriend becomes the biggest rockstar on the planet?

That SummerOn a Clear Day: Starlight\Promise Me Forever
That Summer: Julia inherits a house in England that will change her life - love Lauren Willig's books.
Wild Storm: No Cover - love the Richard Castle books.
On a Clear Day: Re-release of two of Macomber's previous books, which I haven't read. Really love her books.

Stubby the War Dog: The True Story of World War I's Bravest DogThe Greatest Star on Earth (Three-Ring Rascals, # 2)This Is a Moose
Stubby: the War Dog: I actually have this one and hope to read it this weekend
Greatest Star on Earth - love this sister team and I really liked the first book
This is a Moose: Saw pages for this at a preview and it looks super cute.

Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend (Broken Hearts & Revenge, #1)The Secrets of Lily Graves
Broken Hearts, Fences, and Other Things to Mend: New summer series about romance, ex-BFFs and fun in the sun.
Secrets of Lily Graves: Secrets come out when a girl's murdered making Lily and her almost boyfriend suspects.

Life by CommitteeWe Were Liars
Life by Committee: Sounds a little like My Life Undecided by Jessica Brody, which I loved.
We Were Liars: Everyone's raving about this book

Wish You Were ItalianThe Chapel Wars
Wish You Were Italian: Summer romance in Italy!
Chapel Wars: Wedding chapel to save - in Vegas!

After the End (After the End, #1)Killer  Instinct
After the End: What happens after you discover everything you thought was a big fat lie?
Killer Instinct: Lane is obsessed with serial killers...

Royally LostDeep Blue (Waterfire Saga, #1)
Royally Lost: Sounds like a teen version of Roman Holiday
Deep Blue: Mermaids, assassins, and a quest!

Since You've Been GoneThe One (The Selection, #3)
Since You've Been Gone: When her BFF goes missing, Emily finds a random list. Could the list actually help her or its it too crazy?
The One: Dying for the ending of the Selection trilogy!